Here Are The Outstanding Tips For Using Soundcloud Account And Gaining Popularity

Looking to show your musical talent to the world? I recommend you the use of SoundCloud to gain popularity, exposure, and recognition. It is a fabulous way of gaining popularity in the entire music industry. After you have created a profile on SoundCloud, you must know how to use it to your benefit. Whether you are an experienced artist or just a new artist, you may use this platform to promote music online. Since you have spent plenty of time writing lyrics or composing the songs, you deserve to be awarded. If you want your created songs to reach out to the maximum music lovers, you should use buy real active Soundcloud followers. If there are less of followers, you will not be known to many. If you can make inspiring contemporary and new music, it is time to create great tracks and promote them online. Here I will share the ways of using SoundCloud platform to attain recognition.

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Make your social account on SoundCloud as accessible as possible. Let your audiences know who you are and at what genre you excel in. If the profile is more accessible to people, you will accumulate tons of followers. Your audio tracks will also get more downloads and plays.

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There are some essentials you should implement to make the profile more accessible to others for more SoundCloud Followers.I feel that Username is the most important factor here. People will recognize you through the username.

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There are some who associate the username of the person with the quality of sound. If your username is quite accessible to the music lovers, they will not face any difficulty in finding you. I chose a simple kind of username which was appealing.

Your username can also be associated with the genre of music you excel in. Use proper spaces in between the letters and include capital letters. This is for those who use different apps to find profiles on SoundCloud.It is very interesting to note that SoundCloud gives its users an opportunity to employ artwork. You may use artwork to distinguish your profile from others. This way searching will also get easier for others. This is an absolute way to getting more followers and increase the plays. If you crave more recognition for your music, use social links and integrate them to the SoundCloud account. You may use your face book profile link, Twitter link and MySpace link on the profile. The best way is to integrate SoundCloud link on your website. People will easily access your profile in this manner. Businesses use social media as a tool for business promotion. You may also use social media to your benefit.

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Interestingly, the feature of Spotlight is included in the SoundCloud recently. So, you may now pin the favorite tracks on your profile and leave them for the followers to play. This is an absolute way to getting more plays for the music tracks.

By following the above ways, you may get most out of your SoundCloud profile. You will gain popularity, and the followers will also increase.

How Soundcloud Counts Plays and Followers

Soundcloud is becoming more and more popular by the day. This is really no surprise given that it has a lot of enticing features which endear users to it. Be that as it may, there is a lot of mystery surrounding this music playing app. For instance, many of its users wonder how Soundcloud count plays. A great website to learn more about Soundcloud is BRSM.IO. Some even wonder, what are these counts in the first place? Here is all you need to know about how Soundcloud counts operate.

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What are the Benefits of Using Soundcloud?

1. Upload and Discover Music

One of the most alluring features of Soundcloud is the fact that you can upload your own original music. This is a great channel for creating awareness about your own music and gaining exposure to the millions of users who use the app.

Additionally, you can also discover some great music using the app. Here, there is more than just mainstream music. You will get to listen to unique uploads by artists who are only starting to find an audience, and that music can prove to be an invaluable find.

If you really like a particular song or kind of music, you can also be connected to a radio station that plays that music. You can also play music offline for as long as you wish.

When setting up a Soundcloud account, you can opt to have one of three types of accounts. First is the free account, which allows you to upload up to 120 minutes of music, but with very limited statistics tools.

You can also opt to subscribe to a Soundcloud Go account, which has a lot more features than the free account. For instance, here there are no ads to interrupt your listening experience, and you can also play your music offline. Alternatively, you may choose to have a Soundcloud Pro account. With this account, you can upload up to 6 hours of music, and you also get enhanced analytics.

2. Listen to Your Music without Interruption

If you are like most people, then you certainly don’t appreciate it when your music is interrupted by an ad. It can be frustrating to say the least. But with Soundcloud, you can buy  a soundcloud promotion package and wave a final goodbye to such interruptions. Soundcloud promotion packages really help you as an artist because you will get the exposure you need. With a Soundcloud Go or Soundcloud Pro account, you can rest assured that ads will not antagonize you. There are ads on the free account, but they few and very well- spaced so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary interruptions. Choose wisely when getting a soundcould package for promotion.

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Soundcloud Statistics

These statistics are particularly helpful to those who upload music on Soundcloud. They can help you gauge just how many people listen to your music, and how many of them like or comment on it.

1. SoundCloud Plays Counts

This is simply the number of times your music is listened to. You only get to know how many times other people listened to your music. If you play music you uploaded on your account, it won’t contribute to the number of play counts.

If your music has received over Soundcloud 1000 plays, the number will be rounded off, but you can always get the accurate number of plays if you want to. Additionally, when listeners play music offline, it will also reflect on your play count as soon as they play it, not when they return online.

2. SoundCloud Likes

If a listener likes your music, they can click on the like button to let you know that they enjoyed listening to your content. These likes will appear below your music and can be seen by everyone. It is a great way to get positive feedback on your music.

3. Soundcloud Reposts

A listener who likes your music can also decide to post it on their profile. This means that people who follow them will get to hear your music as well, and this gives you more exposure.

4. Soundcloud Comments

People can also let you know what they think of your music in the comment section. This will help you improve where need be, and also know what your strengths are.


Soundcloud is a great place to listen to unique music as well as mainstream music. For those who wish introduce the world to their music, it is also a great place to start creating an audience and if you buy Soundcloud packages that could go a lot quicker. The best part about uploading your music on this site is that you get accurate feedback about how many people are listening to your music thanks to the ways Soundcloud count plays. It is a great site on the whole, and one whose features you should explore.…